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TransportGistics Named CIO Applications Top 25 Logistics Technology Solutions Providers

Complying with modern market dynamics, each solution incorporated by TransportGistics is multimodal and global in scale and scope. Read online

TransportGistics Named Inbound Logistics Top 100 Logistics IT Providers Again

When choosing the 2017 Top 100 Logistics IT Providers, Inbound Logistics editors looked at excellence in optimizing transportation and logistics operations. On a more strategic level, editors make their selections based on how transformative solutions impact outward-facing business activities driving integration across internal, as well as external, business processes. TransportGistics was selected because its solutions solve specific logistics challenges and improve processes, and create a ripple effect of efficiencies across the entire value chain. Inbound Logistics is proud to honor TransportGistics for innovative solutions empowering logistics and supply chain excellence in 2017. Read online

TransportGistics Named Best 3PL for Technology by Global Trade Magazine

Shippers have looked to their logistics providers to help them navigate through a shifting technology landscape and give them the necessary tools…to leverage technology to bring down costs.

An Incremental Approach to TMS Acquisition

Failure to adequately incorporate policies and controls for the inbound supply chain can not only adversely affect profit margins, but may also impact supplier relations, depending on the level of non-compliance. Read online

Inbound Logistics: A Grassroots Revolution

Failure to adequately incorporate policies and controls for the inbound supply chain can not only adversely affect profit margins, but may also impact supplier relations, depending on the level of non-compliance. Read online

Vendor Compliance: Setting Them Straight

Drive out inefficiencies and boost customer service by aligning with vendors to meet your supply chain goals. Read online

TransportGistics: Simpler Solutions, Better Results

Read online

Inbound Transportation Management and Control: Why It's Important and How to Grab It

In most organizations, transportation costs equal or exceed the combined costs of warehousing, order entry, and customer service. In addition to representing an enormous expense, freight transportation is the corporate bloodline to the marketplace, and has been a precursor to the shrinking or "flattening" of the world. Read online

Rediscovering The Classics, Volume IV: Inbound Routing Guides

All the supply chain's a stage so why not command top billing? When businesses actively enforce inbound routing guides and dictate shipment instructions, efficiencies fall into place and economies run wild. Read online

CIO Review Names TransportGistics a 20 Most Promising Logistics Technology Consulting Companies

Logistics is simply an unavoidable phase in a supply chain. As industries pass through steep and slump in demand and supply, the direct impact of it is seen on logistics companies and in their deployment strategies. Traditional methodologies to analyze and track inventories have by far been scrapped by most 'transporters' and latest technologies such as GPS (Global Positioning System) and Cloud have been integrated to their system, making the eco-system healthier and competitive.

Of late, operational functionalities of logistics have expanded to various verticals including integrated planning, control, realization, and monitoring of all internal and network-wide material, part, and product flow which has poised to be a challengeable opportunity to most vendors. Hence, most logistics providers are redesigning their supply channels by incorporating latest technological trends like monitoring and providing shipping data in seconds through cloud integration.

As businesses grow and expand, their requirement for enhanced supply chains has also dramatically increased and some companies have excelled in delivering these services. In the last few months, we have looked at hundreds of logistics providers and shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of tackling the challenges of supply chain faced by manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.

In our selection we looked at the vendor's capability to fulfill the needs of manufacturers through supply chains that support core business processes of any industry. Also, we evaluated the vendors support through the integration of latest technologies into their system.

Transportation Management: A Layered Approach


Today's supply chain and logistics managers face complex challenges, from building an import compliance program to managing shipment data to optimizing inbound shipments. To provide some guidance, Inbound Logistics assembled executives at leading logistics IT companies and service providers, and asked for their perspectives on helping managers meet these important logistics challenges.

Transportation management systems (TMS) provide the ability to accurately predict shipping costs and manage shipment execution. A comprehensive TMS solution can also manage inbound shipments, serve as an RFP analysis tool, or facilitate real-time spot market quoting for appropriate modes. Read online

TransportGistics Releases Upgrades and Enhancements for Routing Guide Management to

Bohemia, NY – TransportGistics, the leading provider of simpler is better logistics solutions has just released its latest version of The new “friendly” technology improves and speeds up communications between shippers, carriers, and consignees, and enables users to post, manage and distribute carrier assignments and rules of engagement with immediate communications to vendors. It enables customers to measure vendor compliance and make sure they are shipping products correctly and most importantly, presents a clear choice of carriers, a clear understanding of how to use those carriers and a clear understanding of whom to contact (and a method to contact them) in the event a problem arises.

Specific improvements to include:

According to Alan Miller, president and CEO of TransportGistics, “The upgrade process was transparent to our customers; they are already enjoying the benefits. Because of the way our technology is deployed, all our customers and their vendors were able to immediately engage the improvements without any negative impact.”

Routing guides are a primary transportation management tool. They enable shippers to ensure that their vendors and customers are using the carriers, rates and services that shippers negotiated. The guides also enable shippers to maintain a manageable number of delivering carriers to maximize efficiencies of the freight receiving process. However, until remote computer access through was introduced to the transportation industry more than two years ago, the War and Peace –sized printed routing manuals were universally considered a headache by shippers who had to update, print, and distribute them, and by vendors who had to look up each shipment in every shipper’s unique guide in order to comply with their complicated instructions. Now, changes can be made in real time and full compliance to shipper instructions is assured.

“If a standard route assignment has not been issued for an extraordinary shipment, vendors and customers can fill out a route request form that will automatically direct the shipment parameters to a routing desk via email or the RoutingGuides desktop management tool,” explained Miller. “Through this medium, shippers eliminate untimely, interruptive phone calls allowing them to manage their time more effectively and maintain an electronic file of requests and responses.” simplifies the entire compliance process and concurrently leverages all shipment volumes to drive down transportation costs. It identifies a shipper’s choice of carriers to be used for shipments of merchandise varying in weight and service, and it identifies all shipping, packing, marking, and communications requirements as well. also provides transit times, delivery requests and links between shipping and inventory. is a product of TransportGistics, Inc., a handpicked team of international transportation and logistics experts with roots that reach into all aspects of the Global Supply Chain. It specializes in “simpler is better” tools that help companies manage transportation services and customer delivery. TransportGistics products address the inefficiencies in transportation management, reduce freight expense, simplify the functions to be executed, make transportation information immediately visible to all parties involved in the transaction process, improve communications, improve performance, lower costs, and increase productivity without sacrificing investments in existing technologies.

TransportGistics Defines Logistics Options for DOT Response to Terrorism Threat

Bohemia, NY – TransportGistics, a transportation management solutions company, has defined a short and longer-term solution to the transportation vulnerability issues. Presented in a White Paper to the DOT, the solution addresses the key areas that comprise threats to the nation’s vast commercial transportation infrastructure, including all aspects of logistics for the tracking assets between and through pickup and delivery points. As implementation begins, the solution will improve logistics security and reduce the vulnerability to accidental or intentional disruption of all commercial transportation services while providing significant benefit to commercial users

“It is important to use existing technologies and widespread commercial needs so implementation can be fast and effective,” said Alan Miller, President of TransportGistics, Inc. “The key is to strike a balance between our individual freedoms and the issues we need to address as a result of the these attacks as well as between commercial utility and Federal objectives.”
The TransportGistics approach is a uniquely empowering, Internet-enabled transportation management utility that transforms the cost-hungry process of logistics into superior customer service as it substantially reduces cost and exposure to a shipper for the private sector while improving transaction management, transaction visibility and transaction data for the public sector. The approach includes both short and long-term solutions.

Both solutions address the inefficiencies in transportation management, simplifying the functions to be executed, making transportation information immediately visible to all parties involved in the transaction process, improving communications, and increasing productivity. They also address five key areas of vulnerability (driver, vehicle, freight, location, alerting) by improving visibility, planning, reacting, dispatching, automated data collection, and optimization. They drive information to the appropriate party by capturing information in the transaction stream and achieving the necessary objectives of predicting, detecting, and alerting.

“The key to any program is visibility and full transparency of all parts of the supply chain,” said Miller. “Most companies can take advantage of the simple solutions immediately such as extending the bar code concept that is so familiar at check out counters and in warehouses. It is important for all companies to know what tools are currently available and are immediately able to be implemented.”

In the longer term, shippers must implement their own risk and vulnerability assessment that effectively identifies areas of potential problems and develops contingencies. “This is an on-going protocol that most companies should be doing as a regular exercise,” says Miller. “Flying blind has never been the answer for long term success.”

TransportGistics, Inc., is a handpicked team of transportation and logistics experts with roots that reach into all aspects of the Supply Chain. It specializes in "simpler is better" solutions that help companies manage and harness the supply chain and its wealth of information both in improving markets and in improving transactions."