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Harvesting the Benefits of Correct Terms Usage Domestic Freight Terms & Terms of Sale/Purchase
Applying the correct legal terms associated with the movement of freight is one of the most important events in the entire purchase and sales process! They establish the relationship between the parties and every related event thereafter will rely on these terms to satisfy the relationship. [Read Full Article]

Identifying, Understanding & Using Cost Accounting to Create New Transportation Perspectives and Actionable Opportunities
For the most part, the industrial world has perfected the science of cost accounting. Assigning a cost to, at least every description in the general ledger, creates a new perspective and offers new dimensions and dynamics for the micrologistics component, transportation. These dimensions and dynamics will provide fresh insights and actionable opportunities. [Read Full Article]

International Freight Terms and Corresponding Issues
In order to best understand a subject and to effectively articulate and communicate ideas, thoughts and issues, it is imperative that we share definitions. In this connection, the international transportation and foreign trade interests cried out for such standards; the result of the process is Incoterms.

The first published set of terms was compiled by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC‐not to be confused with the now defunct Interstate Commerce Commission) in 1936 and has been updated and continues to reflect current practices. [Read Full Article]

Motor Carrier Selection and Effective Control
It wasn’t all that long ago when there were a limited number of motor carriers to choose from. The industry was highly regulated by both the federal and state governments for finance and safety. [Read Full Article]

Purchasing Freight Transportation Effectively
Purchasing Freight Transportation Effectively”, is co‐authored by TransportGistics and Bruce True, Logistics Manager for Welch’s. It is the second white paper in this continuing series and presents how Welch’s purchases their transportation services. [Read Full Article]

Selecting a Freight Audit Vendor
White paper titles should be terse, recognizable and reasonably descriptive of the subject. This particular subject presents an unusual “title” challenge because of how freight audit firms have described themselves since their first appearance in the 1920’s. Their offerings, the business culture coupled with the influence of banking and deregulation have also made it difficult to select a meaningful title. Freight Payment Vendor was considered, while also recognizable it is probably as incomplete as the title shown. Combining the two, Freight Audit and Payment Vendor would also be inadequate, and not as accurate. The most appropriate title, “Transportation Cost Control and Management Information Portal” will become recognizable and meaningful after this paper is read [Read Full Article]

The Role of the Logistics Leader in Driving Supply Chain Value
The Role of the Logistics Leader in Driving Supply Chain Value”, was created by Keith Thurgood, Director, Strategic Sourcing, of Frito‐Lay and co‐authored by TransportGistics, Inc [Read Full Article]

The Freight Transportation Value Proposition
If an excellent product, at a competitive price; timely and accurate information; and superior customer service are the essential elements for success, why have only but a very few astute companies availed themselves of the business discipline most capable of achieving these objectives? Identifying those business disciplines that could best influence corporate success and performance may not even include transportation in the first, second or even third pass, and if transportation were finally identified, it would probably be recognized for only one of its many dimensions. [Read Full Article]

The Insourcing Paradigm, Achieving Optimal Transportation Management Performance
“Insourcing” offers commerce and industry a highly focused, portable intelligence. As an expert management tool, insourcing delivers functional solutions over the Internet. A developing aspect of insourcing is taking on the form of human resources; in this form, insourcing may be described as “imbedding” specialists at client locations where they perform specific tasks. Viewed as an entirety, insourcing is comprised of two components, primarily tools and then services as an evolving capability. [Read Full Article]

The Dimensions and Dynamics of Connective Technology
“Connective Technology”, if defined as, “a means and a method for transporting data and information within, amongst and between trading partners”, than it is the basis upon which collaborative applications rest. If you agree with this notion, than connective technology is also the underpinning of the “era of enormous transportation and logistics applications potential”. [Read Full Article]

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